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    2. Top 7 Best Workout Techniques For Bigger Muscle Growth

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      If you want your muscles to grow, you’ll need to stimulate them enough to break them – this will cause them to grow during recovery. To do this, you can increase the intensity of your workouts and increase your weights, but sooner or later, you will plateau. Plateaus are completely normal, but to overcome them, you will need to shock your muscles by trying out different techniques than your normal routine.

      So, below are the top 7 techniques to break your plateau and increase your muscle growth.


      Negatives is a training technique that is done with larger weights at the end of your workout when your muscles are already exhausted. So, to do a negative, you’ll need to use assistance like a bench, momentum or a partner, to get the weight to the top and then you’ll slowly extend your muscles. So for example, if you bicep curl, you’ll choose a weight that’s usually heavier than what you’d regularly lift and use some force to swing the barbell up. Once you have it up, you’ll slowly lower your arms down, making sure the movement is very controlled.

      Drop Sets

      Drop sets is another great technique to stimulate your muscles. What you’ll do is decrease the weights with each set in your series. So, you’ll start with the heaviest weight and continue to work your way down. This will help you build control in your sets, which is extremely important for muscle growth.


      Supersets are essentially two exercises done with a set, without rest. These exercises usually aim to focus on one muscle group. So, the easiest example would be doing a superset of bench press with chest dips with weights followed by dips. This would be considered one set.

      Multi Exercise Sets

      Multi exercise sets are very similar to supersets, however, in this case, it’s a series of different exercises for the same workout. You would essentially have 4 sets, but you would do different exercises for each set. This focuses on usually one muscle group and helps to break the plateau.

      Partial Holds

      Not as commonly used to increase muscle growth, however, it is just as effective as the other techniques. You would finish off the exercise with holding the position for several seconds before releasing. For example, if you’re doing a set of squats, on the last one you would do a full squat and hold it for ten seconds. Trust us, you’ll feel the burn.

      One and a half reps

      One and a half reps is exactly how it sounds. You complete a full rep and then continue with the next rep, however, you stop halfway. For example, if you’re doing a rep of full push ups, and then you do the rep of push ups, however, you don’t go fully to the floor. This will cause your muscles to be stimulated and shocked.

      Forced and Partial Reps

      Like we said before, you’ll need to push yourself so that your muscles will break, causing them to increase in size. This means, while doing this technique, you will complete a set and then do the next set pushing yourself a little further past your comfort zone. You will need assistance from a partner to help you overpass it. Partial reps will help you focus on your weaker areas and increase your overall performance.

      There you go, these are the 7 best techniques for muscle growth. We recommend you give these all a try and see which one you think will help you excel. We promise you this will help you overcome any plateau and get you to where you want to be.

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